Characters in Sofia the First

List of Characters in Sofia the First


Sofia is the main character in Disney’s Sofia the First. This ordinary 7-year old girl’s life is changed completely when her mother, Miranda, marries the King of Enchancia and Sofia becomes a Princess. The TV-series, Sofia the First, follows Sofia throughout her journey to become a real princess which requires more than simply nice clothes.


Flora is one of the Good Fairies who first appeared in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Flora is the fairy dressed in red and is often regarded as the leader of the group. In Sofia the First, Flora is one of Sofia’s magical tutors in the Royal Training Academy where Sofia is taught how to be a real princess. During Sofia’s first day at the Academy, Flora is the fairy who introduces Sofia to the rest of the class.


Fauna is just like Flora, one of the Fairy Godmothers and is dressed in green. Fauna is often regarded as the second in command and tends to be the fairy who tries to resolve arguments between Flora and Merryweather. Fauna is therefore the ideal tutor to teach Sofia the art of reconciliation which she will no doubt require as a true princess.


Merry Weather

Merryweather, together with Flora and Fauna, make up the Three Good Fairies. Merryweather is the feistier fairy of them all and is dressed in blue. Merryweather is often pessimistic and outspoken which can spark some arguments with Flora.

Clover the Rabbit

Clover the Rabbit

Clover is a cute rabbit who becomes friends with Sofia the First and encourages her to be a good princess. Although Clover might look like a cute cuddly rabbit, he actually dislikes to be cuddled and would much rather be given a nice snack. View Now

Princess Amber

Princess Amber is Sofia’s older step-sister, who seems to be often jealous of Sofia. Princess Amber is a spoiled princess who at first seems to be doing everything to make Sofia’s new life in the palace difficult. After some much needed advice from Cinderella, Sofia tries to make up with Amber and together they will teach each other to become better princesses.

Prince James

Prince James is the twin brother of Princess Amber and the stepbrother of Sofia.

Queen Miranda

Queen Miranda is Sofia’s loving mother who used to be a shoemaker, until she met King Roland II. The story goes that Sofia’s mother was requested to design and present the King with a new pair of Royal shoes, and when they met, they both fell in love with each other. Once Miranda married King Roland, she moved from her humble shoe shop to the castle together with Sofia, where they were given a grand welcome.

King Roland II

King Roland II becomes Sofia’s stepfather after marrying her mother, Miranda. King Roland II is the King of Enchancia, and father to Amber and James. The King has a regal, yet kind personality who is caring and embraces Sofia with open arms into his family by presenting her with the Amulet of Avalor.


Mr Baileywick is the royal steward in King Roland’s castle. Baileywick is responsible for the day to day running of the castle and makes sure everything is neat and tidy. Baileywick is a loyal subject who is meticulous, patient and kind.

Cedric the Sorcerer

Cedric the Sorcerer

Cedric is the main antagonist in the series, Sofia the First. Cedric is an evil wizard who lives in Enchancia and uses his magic for evil purposes. Cedric is greedy, manipulative and desperate to get his hands on the Amulet of Avalor.

Wormwood the Raven

Wormwood is the pet raven of evil wizard Cedric, and is as wicked as his master. Together with his owner, Wormwood will do everything to help Cedric get his hands on the magic Amulet.

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